An Ode to Earl of Sandwich

Okay guys so I have seriously been craving some Earl of Sandwich as of late. And while I definitely live closer to my favorite sandwich restaurant I haven’t been able to go and fulfill my craving! So instead, I wrote a poem about the next time I will be at Earl of Sandwich and for my love of all things Earl!


An Ode to Earl of Sandwich

By Woody

Oh Earl of Sandwich

You make me crave your meals

You definitely are no manwich

Whenever I eat you there are so many feels

I walk in and see a long line

Which will take so much time to wait

But I am determined to enter a state of grace

While i stand around and try not to whine

We are meant to meet, it is our fate

And your goodness will be in my brace.


I think about changing my order

Trying something different for size

But who am i kidding, I am basically a hoarder

Of your holiday turkey, it is my prize

The bread is delicious and grand

And a sweet twist of cranberry

Mixed with gravy and stuffing is just right

I reach the register with cash in hand

Of this i am unwary

And ready to take that first juicy bite.


I hope y’all enjoyed my creative poem!  And to end this poem I will post some wonderful photos of the inspiration to this poem:

IMG_0827 IMG_0828


Reunited In Disney!

The time has finally come…Woody and I are FINALLY back in Walt Disney World together!!

We have already explored Pop Century, Art of Animation, Caribbean Beach, and Downtown Disney.  Tomorrow we are hitting up Magic Kingdom…from park open to park close! Neither of us have ever been to MK for park opening (we like to sleep) so this is going to be exciting.

Follow us on Twitter (@disney_beyond) all day tomorrow for pictures, live tweets from MK, and all sorts of Disney magic.  It’s going to be an extremely fun day and we are going to attempt to complete everything in the park.  Hope you join us on the challenge.

Have a magical night! °o°

From WDW,


Not All Disney Magic Is Found In The Parks!

Hey everyone, Mickey here!

So, I know that basically the  main reason to go to Walt Disney World is to go to all of the parks and Downtown Disney, but have you heard about some of the cool activities that the resorts offer as well?  You can choose anything from campfires, carriage rides, movies, and so much more.  I, personally, loved going to the Boardwalk.  You can basically walk around and see a whole bunch of side acts.  Now I’m not trying to brag, but I was a part of one.

Kody at Boardwalk

If only you guys could have seen how the act actually went down.  It was very embarrassing on my part, yet, it was also a lot of fun.

Here is a quick little list that I think would be probably the best activities to do while visiting the Mouse at WDW.

1. View animals in the dark with night vision binoculars 

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can walk outside at night and use a pair of night vision binoculars to get a great view of how the animals act at night.  Not a lot of people know about this, but I can tell you that it is defiantly worth your time.  I was able to take a night during my DCP to travel over to the resort and give it a try.  It is such a fun experience.  Now, you might have to share with somebody since they have a limited number of binoculars, but trust me it’s worth the wait.

2. Campfire Anyone? 

If you ever feel like having a good ol’ fashioned sing-a-long and a s’more, then head over to Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and join Chip ‘n’ Dale.  After everyone is done making their s’mores, the resort also plays a movie on a big blow up movie screen for everyone to enjoy.


(Photo from:

3. Carriage  Rides 

This is one of my all time favorite ideas Disney has.  You can take a nice carriage ride through Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground or Disney’s Port Orleans-Riverside Resort.  I, personally, would choose to go through Riverside.  There’s just something about the way the resort is set up that I think would be more fun for this type of activity.  They also offer a Holiday Sleigh Ride during December, which is essentially the same ride, just with a lot more Christmas spirit.  However, this particular sleigh ride only departs from Fort Wilderness.  I have yet to go on the carriage ride, but I will someday.  By the way, this would be a great date idea for anyone out there looking for a great way to impress that special someone.  Even if you’ve been married 50 years, it’s never to late to try to impress and do something fun and new.

4. Parasailing 

Sammy Duvall’s Watersports Centre located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort offers parasailing and much more.  If you have never been parasailing then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life because it’s one of the best feelings in the world. But, what makes this particular location extra special is that you get to be flying high above the water and see the Magic Kingdom.  I can’t even begin to think about how much fun this would be.  They also offer a number of different water vehicles that you can rent and drive out on the lake.


(Photo from:

5. Boardwalk 

Flat and simple, just go to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and walk around.  There is so much to see!  A lot of great performers have shows all along the Boardwalk, especially at night.  There are bikes you can rent to take for a spin around the area, but please be careful!  I played a game of corn-hole with a family while I was there.  There is also a piano bar called Jellyrolls, which I heard makes for a great night out (without the kids).  It is a 21 and over bar, but you can bet the next time I’m in WDW, I am making a stop there.

There are plenty of other activities to go and do at the resorts so don’t just stick with some of my ideas.  If not, just go from resort to resort and check them all out.  They are all so unique and beautifully designed that is it just breath-taking. Now go, have some fun!

“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”                    – Walt Disney


The Path to Disney Springs



(photos courtesy of Disney Parks Blog)

In May of 2013 The Walt Disney Company announced that the Downtown Disney Resort area in WDW would be going under a major renovation known as Disney Springs. This expansion/renovation will take several years; however, it looks like Disney is keeping their promise and have begun construction last year on a parking garage for the existing problematic parking lot. And Team Mickey– an athletic store connected to the ever popular Tren-D and Guest Relations at Downtown Disney– will close January 26, 2014 to make way for multiple new stores! Including: 

  • Beautifully Disney – A beauty destination for woman featuring make-up, fragrance and beauty accessories.
  • Cherry Tree Lane – Accessories for the sophisticated woman with a passion for scarves, shoes, bags and jewelry.
  • D-Tech on Demand – A place to personalize and customize your own electronic accessories.
  • The Trophy Room- Vintage inspired, lifestyle sports apparel and collectibles.
  • Centerpiece – Home product for Guests that want a splash of Disney in their room furnishings, textiles and everyday ware.
  • Zoey and Pickles – A girls’ destination containing the latest trends and glamour for the up and coming fashionista

(list courtesy of Disney Parks Blog)

These multiple stores will all be in one space though! Making it a co-op or kind of like a mini mall I suppose!

Several other changes are being made to the future Disney Springs to bring back some of the nightlife Downtown Disney previously had with Pleasure Island. Making it a destination that tourists and locals will want to visit again and agin. Some of these changes include:

  • Food Trucks! (Open Wednesday through Sunday at the West Side)
  • Fit2Run (check out Buzz’s article about the store here)
  • Expansion of entertainment venues
  • Splitsville (which opened in December 2012 and has definitely brought some life back to the West Side)
  • Starbucks (I’m a Starbucks addict, so I am definitely excited for this one
  • And much, much more!


I also appreciate the fact that Disney has a story for the new Disney Springs! According to Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the story goes like this:

“The story of Disney Springs begins at our new Town Center, which is oriented around a series of bubbling natural springs that first attracted settlers to the area. From there, the town grew to encompass three additional neighborhoods: The Landing, Marketplace and West Side – each with its own distinct charm and atmosphere. (…) Our fundamental goal is to create a welcoming, comfortable space where families can enjoy time together and instantaneously feel right at home. We want to give them opportunities to relax, to be entertained, to wander in and out of unique and distinctive shops or enjoy a world-class dining experience. And because we are Disney, we’ve anchored the entire experience around a story that gives us the ability to deliver on the legendary place-making and creativity for which we are known. The result is Disney Springs, a timeless and vibrant place that celebrates the turn-of-the century lakeside towns that dotted the Florida landscape.” (for more information regarding concept art and expansion click here)

Hopefully some new information regarding Disney Springs will be coming soon, and we will be letting you know when we hear anything!



The Newest Members of Our Family

Hi everyone!  If you read our last post (“The Lingo: Disney Edition”) you may have noticed some unfamiliar names signed at the bottom.  Well, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy.  Woody and I have asked three of our dearest friends (also met through the Disney College Program) to officially be apart of Disney to Infinity and Beyond.

The five of us instantly became best friends one year ago (exactly).  We thought they would make a wonderful addition to our blog for the new year.  Now, I’m going to do quick introductions for the three of them.

(Kristen/Buzz, Joey/Mike)

Let’s start with Mike (Joey).  So, Joey worked in Merchandise while on the College Program.  In fact, he had the privilege of working at the largest Disney store, World of Disney, in Downtown Disney.

 (Kevin/Perry, Kody/Mickey)

Mickey (Kody), worked in Quick Service Food and Beverage at many different locations.  He was able to work on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood studios and at Blizzard Beach just to name a couple.


Perry (Kevin), worked as a lifeguard.  The two of us actually became such great friends during lifeguard training together.  He worked at the All-Star resorts many pools and is currently a campus representative for the Disney College Program.  You might also know Kevin as kevin_draws on Instagram.  We are planning on him drawing some original pieces to share here with all of you.

These three guys were roommates on the college program, just like Woody and I.  The five of us lived in the same apartment complex just a few buildings away from each other.  We spent almost all of our free time with each other.  We went to the parks more times than we can count and hung out in each others apartments.  We haven’t been able to hang out with each other since the end of may but we literally haven’t had a single day where we aren’t speaking to each other.

So, I know this is a very brief introduction for each of them but you can probably expect more about them later on.