Mickey’s Birthday Celebration [Part 7]

Based on this next clip, I’d say the gang knows how to throw a party.  Plus, who knew they could all dance so well?

I wonder if they are having a wonderful birthday party like this tonight in celebration?

(Video from Animation Kidz 2013)

Do any of you have great friends like Mickey who would make your birthday extra special?  I know I do! 

Again, Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!!! °o°

Mickey’s Birthday Celebration [Part 6]

Did you know that the voices of Mickey and Minnie were married in real life?  I wonder if their road trips went something like this one that Mickey and Minnie take in 1999 to Topsy Turvy Town?

(Video from DisneyIsAwesome1901)
And who doesn’t love the loving trio of Mickey and his pals, Goofy and Donald?  Enjoy this clip as the three friends test their skills on washing cars.

(Video belongs to TrollHeimer)