Get to Know Us!

The time has come that some of you have been waiting for.  We are about to let you all know about me, a.k.a Buzz, and Woody.

Alrighty, so as you may already know, Woody and I are best friends.  We met while living together on the Disney College Program. Outside of Disney we go by Kristen (Buzz) and Kelsey (Woody).  Our friendship is basically like the Toy Story characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody, hence our nicknames for each other.  We bicker and pick on each other but in the end we always have each others back.  We can always count on one another and go to each other for everything.  Although we live halfway across the country from each other, we talk everyday, probably more than if we were still living together.

We are juniors in college and participated in the DCP this past spring semester.  We’re both from areas of the United States where it snows…A LOT!  We could probably both say that we see snow for more than half the year during some years.  We moved to Florida for the DCP during the heart of our winters and it was like a culture shock.

Kelsey worked attractions in Magic Kingdom, and then was extended to work the front desk of the All-Star Resorts.  During her time working attractions, you could find her at Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel and Mickey’s Philharmagic.  She absolutely loved working at her location in the Magic Kingdom so much, she is now a seasonal employee and continues to work as a Disney Cast Member.

Kelsey, wants to be a Disney Imagineer. She hopes to begin a long happy career with the Walt Disney Company as soon as she can get herself back to Florida! The college program definitely opened her eyes to all the magic she could create for guests of all ages, and she hopes to continue to create magic through a little bit of faith, trust, and some pixie dust!

I, Kristen, was a lifeguard while on the College Program.  I worked at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and loved every minute of it.  I was very pleased with my location and the other Cast Members I worked with.  They truly made my time working for Disney great and very memorable.  I was asked to stay as a seasonal lifeguard but given the location where I live and going to school, it was going to be nearly impossible to make it work.  After graduation, I will be going back and working for the company again though.

My dream job with the Disney Company is to be a Disney Wedding Planner.  I have always had an interest in planning weddings and my friends, for years, have been telling me I will be planning their weddings.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life until I did the College Program.  While there, I realized that what I want to do is be a professional wedding planner, preferably at Disney.

In the five and a half months that we were on the DCP together, we went on many adventures across Disney property.  We visited the parks endlessly and and explored many of the resorts.  Being that neither of us had a car while there, we got really good at using Disney transportation, which means we didn’t really leave Disney property the whole duration of our program.


We rode all the rides, met tons of characters (against Kelsey’s will), and found endless Hidden Mickeys.  We would go to a park just for dinner, or to just watch Wishes.  We were at the coronation of Princess Merida, memorized the entire dialogue to the Haunted Mansion, can sing along to the Wishes soundtrack (even placing in sound effects where the fireworks would “boom”), and mastered Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.  Yes, we both have gotten a perfect score on the ride (999,999) and become Galactic Heroes.  Kelsey, unfortunately, manages to get this score every single time she plays, where as I have only gotten it once.  Hence the photo below ↓ , when I got a perfect score for the first and only time.  And what could make it even better? I beat Kelsey and Disney caught it on film!!


Kelsey got to watch Wishes pretty much every night while working.  I got to watch Illuminations in EPCOT almost every night while closing up the pool deck at Caribbean Beach.  (Yes, you can see Illuminations from the resort pool deck.)  Disney fireworks are very important to us.

On our last night in Magic Kingdom together, we watched Celebrate the Magic and Wishes from the center of Main St. USA.  As soon as the music for Celebrate the Magic started, I broke down in tears right there in the middle of the street.  I basically balled my eyes out for the next three hours, making Kelsey cry as well.  For those of you who may know me, I don’t usually cry so this right here shows how much Disney truly means to me.


We both grew up with family vacations to Walt Disney World, basically every year.  We have been watching Disney movies for as long as we can remember. My all   time favorite Disney Movie is Mary Poppins.  Kelsey’s all time favorite is Peter Pan!

We love everything Disney related more than anything and we talk about it nonstop.  We can’t help that we manage to incorporate Disney into our everyday lives and conversations.  We can quote basically any movie right on the spot and so when the opportunity arises, we add Disney references in conversations, text messages, you name it.  A lot of people, outside of our Disney family, really don’t understand us and our obsession.  We created this blog in the hopes of sharing our passion and craziness with others just like us.  Disney has been such a huge part in both of our lives that we really don’t remember/can’t imagine a time without Disney.

Alright, so here is the low down on the rest of our lives…

On top of blasting Disney music, we love listening to country music.  Our favorite color is yellow.  We both have Mini Coopers as a mode of transportation (I know what you’re thinking but this was complete coincidence!).  We’re country girls at heart, who have a dream of working for a company located in the city (could get interesting).  We love to go shopping and get dressed up (yes we were those crazy girls you saw wearing dresses to a theme park several times, looking the complete opposite of the typical tourist).  We both have the same middle name and are lucky enough to be the oldest child in our families.  We watch Once Upon A Time on ABC religiously and have fallen in love with Captain H

ook.  Haunted Mansion is our favorite ride, along with Pirates of the Caribbean.  We tell each other everything and before making big decisions we get the others opinion fir

st.  One day, we will run a Disney race together.  But most importantly, we will be there for each other as we achieve our dreams, each step of the way.  And now you will be too!

We are glad that you are here, being a part of our Disney craziness!  This blog is a way for us to talk about all things Disney, old and new, to people just like us.

“Thank you for being here today.” (See what I did there! Added that Disney quote from The Princess Diaries.) Have a magical day!! °o°

-Buzz and Woody


10 thoughts on “Get to Know Us!

  1. princessontherun2015 says:

    Ladies, I LOVE your blog! I’ve always wanted to do the DCP, and you sound like you had a great experience! Let me know if you end up running the princess half marathon this year! 🙂

    • disneytoinfinityandbeyond says:

      Hi! We’re so glad you like the blog. If you have the chance to do the DCP, don’t hesitate. It’s a great experience you don’t get anywhere else! As far as the princess half marathon goes, we have actually signed up to run the Tower of Terror 10-miler in October instead (for right now).

      • princessontherun2015 says:

        That sounds great! I’ve been using the Jeff Galloway running tips on the runDisney site and they are super helpful. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

  2. Eden says:

    Hi Kelsey and Kristen! I am getting ready to apply end of August for spring 2016 DCP in Orlando and from what I’ve read on your guys blog we sound very similar! 🙂 My dream is to one day work for Disney in PR and I know that the first step closer to my dream is to do the DCP. I am so excited for this opportunity, but I am getting so nervous for the WBI part. I had a few quick questions regarding the WBI. I also was wondering if either of you could give me advice about Spring vs Spring Advantage. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • disneytoinfinityandbeyond says:

      Hi Eden!! I’m so so so so sorry that I’m just now seeing your questions. Life happened and the blog kind of got left behind. I hope you applied for the DCP and the interview process went well. Again, I’m beyond sorry for just now getting back to you!

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