Happy Birthday Walt Disney!!!

Today is a very special day, as it is Walt Disney’s 112th Birthday! Born on December 5th, 1901 in Illinois, this man created a company that has provided millions of people with joyous moments and dreams they may never have realized were possible without him. This man truly believed in a fantasy world where children and adults alike could forget their real life worries and travel to a place in reality or in their mind and escape to a world of Pirates invading an island, Astronauts preparing to take off, avoiding a yeti within the Swiss Alps, or just conversing with some of their favorite Princesses. 

Today we are celebrating Walt, but we never forget that everyday we discuss Disney or think about our favorite movies and places, he was the one who brought reality to our dreams. 

Happy Birthday Walt.

– Woody and Buzz



photo courtesy of http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Walt_Disney/Gallery

Throwback Thursday: Halloween Edition

It’s Throwback Thursday again and lucky for us, it just happens to land on Halloween!

We’re throwing it back to 1982 with this clip from Disney’s Halloween Treat.

Hope you enjoy it!

(This clip was made by AtariTiger on YouTube.)

Be sure to stick around because we will be sharing more clips, just like this one, throughout the day.

Happy Halloween!!


Disney Fireworks: Where Your “Wishes” Come True

There’s nothing more magical than ending your Disney vacation with some fireworks. Disney does amazing firework shows every night in three of the four parks, and “Wishes” in the Magic Kingdom is just perfect.  It’s just so magical! If you only have time for one firework show while there, “Wishes” is a must.

Hope you enjoy the video I made! (Sorry about the camera movement! My arm was getting tired.)

I know it’s kind of late but it took a while to edit and upload this video.


Talking Mickey Meet and Greet

Meeting our beloved Mickey Mouse at Magic Kingdom in Disney World, just got a lot more magical.  Disney has just brought in some new magic.  Now, at the Town Square Theater, when you meet the boss himself, he’ll have a few new tricks up his sleeve.

Mickey now talks right back to you! Dressed as a magician, he’ll do magic tricks and interact on a whole new level.

Here’s a little video from the Disney Parks Blog that truly captures this new magic in the park.


Talking Mickey was originally introduced to the parks in 2011 but was most commonly used for shows and promotions.  Now, talking Mickey can be seen with guests on a daily basis.

Share with us what you think about this new and improved Mickey.


Have a Magical Monday!! °o°