How Much Did YOU Cry?

We all know that if you’re an avid Disney/Pixar movie fan you probably teared up at least once during Toy Story 3.  Maybe some of you even full-fledged cried your eyes out.  That’s okay! You’re not alone.  Trust me.  

The Disney Parks Blog posted this chart (which must mean you aren’t alone, right?) on just how much different parts of the movie made people weep.  

I can vouch for the parts “When Andy plays with his toys one last time” and “When Bonnie makes Woody wave goodbye to Andy” for being the most heartbreaking parts of the movie.  I’m not one to cry during movies but this movie hit me hard.  Maybe it was just because it came out the summer I was going to be heading off to college for the first time, myself.  I literally grew up with Andy and the toys and the whole movie was so relatable to my life.  


Do agree with this chart? What part(s) made you cry? We would love to know! °o°




4 thoughts on “How Much Did YOU Cry?

  1. princessontherun2015 says:

    I am a hot mess when Andy drives away with Buzz & Woody watching. It’s embarrassing. I think that the lovely folks at Pixar were just so in touch with the fact that the kids that loved the early ones were hitting the college age–I think that’s one of the reasons they might have picked that story line! We had an exec from Pixar lecture at my university, and she was just so spot on with the art of storytelling. They’re all brilliant 🙂

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