Check Out the Disney College Program!

Are you currently a college student?  Have you thought about studying abroad in a far away land, but can’t seem to talk yourself into going so far away?  What about wanting a company on your résumé that’s known worldwide?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then I have the perfect solution!  The Disney College Program.

As a Disney College Program Alumni, I know first hand that this is a fantastic experience and if you have the opportunity to go, you really should.  Many colleges and universities across the United States participate in the program.  This means that you are able to get credit back at your school for completing the program.  I was able to be considered a full-time student back home, while working and learning at Walt Disney World.  I received 12 credits for completing my program.  These included fulfilling my internship requirements, as well as elective requirements.

The Disney College Program is a PAID internship.  This alone makes it worth looking into.  You work full-time while you’re there, have the option to take classes through Disney, and have numerous opportunities to network with different leaders throughout the company.  I took one Disney course while there and it went along with my major perfectly.  I had Corporate Communications every Tuesday afternoon for the duration of the program.  Disney is aware of what classes you have enrolled in and will not schedule you to work on those days.  Tuesdays became one out of two days off during the week for me.

On those days off, you are free to go shopping, play in the parks, visit resorts, or just catch up on your laundry.  As a Disney Cast Member, you are able to go into the parks, on most days, for free.  During peak seasons, Disney will set “black out dates” in hopes to keep crowds as low as possible.  This means that cast members are not able to bring guests into the park using their main gate passes (tickets for family and friends).  The cast member themselves can still enter, but you probably wouldn’t want to fight through the crowds and wait in long lines anyway.  As Cast Members you will get spoiled with experiencing shorter wait times because you are able to be in the parks when it isn’t peak season.

You get to go into the parks whenever you want with friends who become family.  This right here is enough to make friendships that last much, much longer after your program ends.  You meet so many new people from all over the world.  Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to make new friendships.  You are all in the same boat, not knowing anyone, lost in a new place.  This is a great time to make new friends and some great connections that may help later on in life.

Disney is currently accepting applications for the Disney College Program for Fall/Fall Advantage 2014.  I encourage anyone you can to look into this amazing program.  It really will change your life.


2 thoughts on “Check Out the Disney College Program!

  1. Hannah A. says:

    Hi! My name is Hannah and I came across this blog from your Adventures with the Mouse blog (which I absolutely love!!). I have been accepted in the lifeguard role for Fall 2014. Being a cast member has always been #1 on my bucket list, and I am beyond ecstatic for this experience. I have never been a competitive swimmer or lifeguard before, so this is all new to me. I have been practicing for the swim test quite a bit and feel pretty comfortable with the prerequisite test. One of the main things I am nervous about is the brick test. I realize this is a very specific question, but are you allowed to wear goggles when retrieving the brick?

    • disneytoinfinityandbeyond says:

      Hi Hannah! I am SO sorry I just got your question. I honestly do not remember if I wore goggles to get the brick or not. I know I wore them for the swim test part but can’t remember retrieving the brick. For some reason I do not think I wore goggles for it. When is/was your arrival date and do you know if you are going to be a deep water or shallow water guard?

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