The Walt Disney Family Museum

Diane Miller Disney, Walt Disney’s daughter, helped create a wonderful museum in honor of her father and the Disney family’s history with The Walt Disney Company and their personal lives. 

I have been lucky enough to visit this wonderful museum and it is truly unrivaled. I could have spent at least two full days there; unfortunately, I only had a few hours. The museum is located in San Francisco, CA and details several aspects of Walt’s animation career, personal life, and his beloved Disneyland and soon to be Walt Disney World. It’s an in-depth look into the man whom millions love, and is extremely well-detailed. You can watch Disney movies at the museum, shop in their wonderful gift shop, view a replica of the Disneyland Resort, and attend a few workshops and courses they have available!

I highly recommend you visit their website,, and plan your next trip to  
San Francisco, CA or at least The Walt Disney Museum!

– Woody