When Animal Kingdom first opened it got some flack because people believed it was basically a zoo. However, the creative folks over in advertising decided to play off the idea of being a zoo, and instead created a new phrase for the park: Nahtazu!

So next time you visit Animal Kingdom just remember, It is NAHTAZU! 😀


The Year of a Million Dreams

Today I’ll share with you one of my favorite moments while at the world! So get comfortable because it’s story time!

I’m not sure if y’all remember the Year of a Million Dreams. It was a campaign Disney created, and began back in October 2006 and ran through December 2008—just a tad bit longer than a year! But anyways banners were everywhere proclaiming that this was the Year of a Million Dreams, Cinderella Castle Suite stays were possible for anyone to win, and they were giving away Dream Fastpasses!

My family was visiting WDW during this promotion and we loved the spectacle. I personally believed there was a bit more excitement and anticipation in the air during our visit; probably because you never knew what was around the corner. Well my family and I decided to go to Animal Kingdom one morning and we knew of the second entrance through Rainforest Café (for those of you who don’t know there are turnstiles between the exit from the gift shop of Rainforest Café and the actual Animal Kingdom Park). Once we got there we saw two cast member’s, each one had a Year of a Million Dreams book bag hanging off their shoulders and we were wondering what was going on. As it turns out they were passing out surprise Dream Fastpasses to each person passing through the turnstiles at the entrance!

Once it was our turn to pass through the turnstiles, the cast members congratulated us and gave everyone in our party the Dream Fastpass that could be used for the rest of the day within Animal Kingdom. My family and I’s entire day was made. We were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to use these fastpasses for all the rides.

Now it may sound silly that fastpasses are a magical moment for me. However, I think the idea that anything could happen, a surprise could be right around the corner; that was what made it magical. Disney wants families to have memories that will always be cherished, and just by receiving these Fastpasses I began to understand the magic and wish fulfillment that Disney prides its self on. Walt Disney World will always be a place for families to escape reality and enter a world of fantasy, adventure, and dreams that can come true.



(Photo property/courtesy of disneytoinfinityandbeyond)

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Where’s Mickey?

When you go to Disney, you may have noticed that Mickey Mouse shapes are everywhere on property.  You might spot one waiting in line for your favorite ride, while riding a ride, or maybe it’s just the way a shadow is being cast on the sidewalk as you walk from one spot to the other.  Well, there’s a reason for all this madness that might make you think you your eyes are just playing tricks on you.  Most of these “Hidden Mickey’s” are there on purpose.

This “Hidden Mickey” idea all started by the Imagineers of Disney.  It used to be that the management at Disney only believed that Mickey and Minnie belonged in Magic Kingdom, but Imagineers thought otherwise.  When EPCOT was being built, in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Imagineers started slipping Mickey into the construction.  As guests and cast members started noticing them, the idea took off.  Now, because of their popularity, it is encouraged for Mickeys to be placed into the new constructions.

“Hidden Mickeys” are just what they’re called, a Mickey Mouse that you actually have to look for.  They are not meant to be noticeable at first.  A lot of them are just three circles put together to give the illusion of the silhouette of Mickey’s head.  But, they can also include a full body Mickey, maybe in the background of an image.  Disney has added these “Hidden Mickeys” to just about everything possible.  You’ll find them at your resort, by the pool, on rides, on merchandise, in signs, in the pavement, and even in movies.  Once you catch onto the idea of them, you start seeing them everywhere, and I don’t mean just in the parks.  You’ll start seeing them long after your vacation has ended.  Trust me on this one.

So, here we go.  If you think you are a Disney expert, we’re going to test you a little bit.  We have gone, specifically, into the parks and found tons of these “Hidden Mickeys.”  I have even found some in movies, and TV shows.  Every Wednesday is now going to be “Where’s Mickey? Wednesday” and we will be posting a new picture of a “Hidden Mickey.”  We want you to comment or email us your answer to where you believe that “Hidden Mickey” can be found on property.  I’ll give you a hint right now- all of the ones we post that are in a park or at a resort will be from somewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort.  I haven’t gotten a chance to travel out to Disneyland to find “Hidden Mickeys” yet but they are there.

Ready? Here’s the first one!

So, where can you find this “Hidden Mickey” at Disney World?

Check back on next week’s “Where’s Mickey?” for the answer.