For some of you this title may seem somewhat confusing, and extremely vague. However, this word has a whole new meaning to me. I heard about a new Disney stop motion short film called Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story, that starred Vinylmations and consisted of no dialogue. Essentially, it sounded like a silent, stopmotion, 40 minute feature that would either be completely brilliant or extremely weird. Thankfully, in my opinion, it was the former. 

I will admit it took me a little while to warm to the idea of Blank. After the first 5 minutes I believed it was over and thought, “Oh… well that was, um interesting?”. However, the film continues and gained my attention more and more, leading to an emotional attachment to the characters. I wasn’t convinced on how they would utilize the many vinylmation characters throughout the  collections Disney has created, but the folks behind the film were able to bring a vinylmation world to life.

There’s action, love, conflict, and so many other elements that help make this such a strong film. The utilization of stop motion creates the realistic vinyl world, and helps express the emotions of the vinyl characters so vividly without any facial expressions.  It is difficult to explain the feelings you will experience from this movie. So my suggestion is if you have 40 minutes of free time click here, you’ll go through a new world of fantasy that you may not want to leave.

– Woody


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