The Newest Members of Our Family

Hi everyone!  If you read our last post (“The Lingo: Disney Edition”) you may have noticed some unfamiliar names signed at the bottom.  Well, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy.  Woody and I have asked three of our dearest friends (also met through the Disney College Program) to officially be apart of Disney to Infinity and Beyond.

The five of us instantly became best friends one year ago (exactly).  We thought they would make a wonderful addition to our blog for the new year.  Now, I’m going to do quick introductions for the three of them.

(Kristen/Buzz, Joey/Mike)

Let’s start with Mike (Joey).  So, Joey worked in Merchandise while on the College Program.  In fact, he had the privilege of working at the largest Disney store, World of Disney, in Downtown Disney.

 (Kevin/Perry, Kody/Mickey)

Mickey (Kody), worked in Quick Service Food and Beverage at many different locations.  He was able to work on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood studios and at Blizzard Beach just to name a couple.


Perry (Kevin), worked as a lifeguard.  The two of us actually became such great friends during lifeguard training together.  He worked at the All-Star resorts many pools and is currently a campus representative for the Disney College Program.  You might also know Kevin as kevin_draws on Instagram.  We are planning on him drawing some original pieces to share here with all of you.

These three guys were roommates on the college program, just like Woody and I.  The five of us lived in the same apartment complex just a few buildings away from each other.  We spent almost all of our free time with each other.  We went to the parks more times than we can count and hung out in each others apartments.  We haven’t been able to hang out with each other since the end of may but we literally haven’t had a single day where we aren’t speaking to each other.

So, I know this is a very brief introduction for each of them but you can probably expect more about them later on.




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