Frozen: Dads Now Entering Bandwagon


Disney’s Frozen came out in November 2013. Yes, that’s right, 7 months ago Disney probably had no idea that their latest hit movie would still be blowing up record charts and social media. People are still as obsessed with the story, the characters, the music, all of it!

There have been plenty of videos circling the internet of others reenacting and singing the beloved songs. Covers of the songs are everywhere and people changing them, completely, as well.

The most recent one that I have come across made me smile the whole time. Two dads created their own rendition of the popular song, “For the First Time in Forever.”

Check out the awesome video by clicking here.

Where in the World… Are the Disney Princesses?

Princess Fairytale Hall

So, you know where all the Princesses are meeting, right?  Well guess again.

Disney is about to move them around to accommodate the HUGE popularity of the new comers, Princess Anna and Elsa.  Currently, you can find them meeting together in the Fairytale Hall, completed this year just for our Royalty.  You can also find Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty for those who might not know) ((Yes, these people do exist!)) at Fairytale Hall.

However, starting on June 15, 2014, Aurora is going to be moving to the Town Square Courtyard.  She will be taking the place of Snow White.  Snow White will then move to Center Street, Main Street U.S.A.  (To be completely honest, I was not aware of a “Center Street” until now.)  Cinderella and Rapunzel will remain in their current locations.

As for Anna and Elsa, they will also remain at Fairytale Hall.  The change though, comes when you arrive to meet them.  They will no longer be meeting together.  They will be separate just like Cinderella and Rapunzel.

Disney is hoping that this will cut down on the outrageously long wait times to meet the Frozen Royalty, visiting all the way from Arendelle.  Wait times have been exceeding at least 200 minutes each day and by separating them into two meet and greets, hopefully this will be cut down.  Also, Disney being Disney, they are hoping that this will provide the opportunity for more people to actually come meet Anna and Elsa during their visit to Magic Kingdom.

You can meet the Princesses of Fairytale Hall from the time the park opens until 30 minutes before the park closes.

As for some of our other Princess favorites, you can swim under the sea to Ariel’s Grotto in Magic Kingdom to meet the mermaid herself.

Tiana is over in Liberty Square with her Prince Naveen.

Merida can be found in the Fairytale Garden giving friends some tips on her archery skills.

Jasmine meets with Aladdin at the Agrabah Bazaar, but sometimes they’ll fly over to Morocco on a magic carpet.

If Snow White doesn’t seem to be out and about in Magic Kingdom, she’s probably visiting friends in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT.

As for Aurora, she sometimes likes to wander back into the woods to visit Fauna, Flora, and Merriweather but seems to end up in France.

Belle always has her nose stuck in a book, enjoying the fresh air in France as well.

Mulan is helping the Emperor in China, but she loves meeting new warriors who want to defeat the Huns.

And you can find Pocahontas over in Animal Kingdom with all of her animal friends.


So, what are your thoughts on the new changes?  Do you think Disney will save guests time by having Anna and Elsa meet individually?  °o°

DCP Check-in Day!

DCP Check-in Day!

Hey y’all! Sorry this blog has been a bit abandoned our lives are just craziness! Anyways I wanted to update everyone on my new College Program which just started on June 9th! This link will go straight to my strictly DCP blog and I hope everyone enjoys it especially those of you who may want to apply for a CP! Hope everyone has a magical day!

– Woody

Mouse Bites for June 8, 2014

Check out what’s been cooking at Eating WDW! They’ve shared some yummy food you can find across Disney property.

Eating WDW

We’ve had a busy week here on the blog! We kicked it off with A Look at the New Starbucks Coffee Locations at Downtown Disney. I know everyone has their opinion about the chain making its presence at WDW, but even as a non-coffee drinker, I’m not complaining. We also headed to Riverside Mill and tried the Muffuletta Flatbread, which I think drew more ire than Starbucks. We also had a Menu Update for the counter service restaurant. We celebrated National Cheese Day with some Favorite Dishes Featuring Cheese at WDW. I think that at least made some readers happy! We also enjoyed breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express and tried a menu staple, the Breakfast Pocket. Capping off the week, we had a HUGE menu update from Downtown Disney. Hopefully you find it handy in your travel planning! Stay tuned for more updates from the park in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

Our friends…

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An Ode to Earl of Sandwich

Okay guys so I have seriously been craving some Earl of Sandwich as of late. And while I definitely live closer to my favorite sandwich restaurant I haven’t been able to go and fulfill my craving! So instead, I wrote a poem about the next time I will be at Earl of Sandwich and for my love of all things Earl!


An Ode to Earl of Sandwich

By Woody

Oh Earl of Sandwich

You make me crave your meals

You definitely are no manwich

Whenever I eat you there are so many feels

I walk in and see a long line

Which will take so much time to wait

But I am determined to enter a state of grace

While i stand around and try not to whine

We are meant to meet, it is our fate

And your goodness will be in my brace.


I think about changing my order

Trying something different for size

But who am i kidding, I am basically a hoarder

Of your holiday turkey, it is my prize

The bread is delicious and grand

And a sweet twist of cranberry

Mixed with gravy and stuffing is just right

I reach the register with cash in hand

Of this i am unwary

And ready to take that first juicy bite.


I hope y’all enjoyed my creative poem!  And to end this poem I will post some wonderful photos of the inspiration to this poem:

IMG_0827 IMG_0828