The Experience of a Disney College Program Alumni

The following story was sent to us by Evan from Alabama.  He is a Disney College Program Alumni and I had the privilege of working with Evan as a lifeguard and became good friends him very quickly.  Take a look at his experiences and adventures he encountered along the way.  Enjoy!  -Buzz
“My Life in the Disney College Program”
There is only one big reason on why I think 2013 was the best year of my life.  This was the year I got to work for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida by participation in the Disney College Program.  During my program, I made so many friends, found out who my favorite character is, and had the time of my life.  My original program dates were January 21st through August 9th and during that time I was a lifeguard at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  While working at the Caribbean Beach, I met and made my first group of friends.  Because of the program, I was able to make friends from around the country.  Two of my roommates were from England and another was from Thailand.
In my attempts to get used to the Disney life I went to Magic Kingdom and found out who my favorite character is.  Watching the “Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party” parade,  the one  character that stood out to me was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.   He reminded me of myself.  After seeing him pretty much every off day in the Magic Kingdom, I ended up with the Johnny Depp version of the Mad Hatter’s hat.
I, then, had the privilege of extending my college program from August 9th to December 6th.  I ended up working at Walt Disney World for almost a year.  This made me extremely happy because that meant I got to see the Mad Hatter more often.  When I did extend my college program I got relocated to Typhoon Lagoon working as a slide operator.  But,  unfortunately I worked there for about two months before they closed to refurbish the park.  After Typhoon Lagoon closed for refurbishments, I got deployed to “Toy Story Midway Mania” at Hollywood Studios and became one of Andy’s toys.
Working for The Walt Disney Company has its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the advantages was that I got to celebrate every holiday at Walt Disney World, except christmas, because I finished my program on December 6th.  Another advantage was that I got to celebrate my 21st birthday at Walt Disney World.  On my birthday my parents, grandparents, and I ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  My mom surprised me when the waiter brought out my birthday cake, which was a chocolate Mickey Mouse head.  One of the disadvantages is that one would be celebrating holidays without other family members, but it makes up for itself for letting you celebrate with your new Disney family.
One of my favorite holidays at Walt Disney World was Halloween.  Fortunately for  me,  Friday the 13th was in October and Hollywood Studios got taken over by Hades from Hercules and 13 other Disney villains.  And my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, and I went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.  Like everyone else, we dressed up and, of course, I dressed up as my favorite  Disney character, the Mad Hatter.
While I was working at “Toy Story Mania,” I got to work three shifts at the “Osborne Dancing of Spectacle Lights” during Christmas.  I got to go to the cast member preview and the dancing lights are the best christmas lights I have ever seen.
I  intend on moving back down to Orlando to work for the Walt Disney Company full-time.  It is the best place to work  and has so many benefits from working there.  There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thinking of something Disney related, whether it’s my friends and roommates, going to the parks, or seeing  the Mad Hatter.  I miss my entire Disney family dearly and it’s like Mickey Mouse says “see ya real soon”.
Do you have a Disney memory, story, or experience you want to share?  Send them to us at and we will share them.    

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