A New Crowd Is About To Move In.

The Walt Disney Animation Studios is already well underway with the creation of a new film, Big Hero 6.  This film will be an action-packed comedy adventure of Hiro Hamada, a robotics prodigy.   Hiro finds himself wrapped up in an evil plan that has threatened to destroy the city of San Fransokyo.  The city is very high-tech and fast-paced, making this the perfect home for a robotics prodigy.  Hiro gains the help of his closest pal Baymax (who just happens to be a robot) and teams up with a group of first-time crime fighters.  They all set out on a mission to save San Fransokyo.

The film is loosely based on the Marvel comics, “Big Hero 6.”  You can expect comic-book styled action, as well as the heart and humor of Disney Animation we have grown to love.  Using the same technology as Wreck It, RalphFrozen, and Tangled, this film is headed to theaters November 7, 2014.  This will be the first animated Marvel film the Disney Animation Studios will release.




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