It’s All About YOU!

If you’re reading this post, then good.  It’s about you!  We want to hear from our readers.

Is there anything you would like to see more of from us?  Certain topics you want more of?  We want your feedback and ideas!  This will help us make the most out of our blog for all of you.

We’re still kind of new to this whole blogging thing and the majority of what we do is trial and error at this point.  Our newest little experiment we want to try is publishing your Disney experiences, memories, and stories.  We would love for you to all be more involved with our little “family” we’ve created and be able to read stories from another’s point of view, not just our practically perfect Disney stories.

We look forward to hearing from you!


If you are interested in sharing an experience with us, send us an email to and we will send you directions on what to do next.  We love hearing about other’s Disney vacations! °o°


6 thoughts on “It’s All About YOU!

  1. Heather Brainerd says:

    More insight into the Disney College Program would be great! For example, my son, though only in 8th grade, is already planning to do the DCP, major in Hospitality Management, and work at WDW. What words of advice would you have for him?

    • disneytoinfinityandbeyond says:

      Okay 🙂 I was also in middle school when I decided I was going to do the Disney College Program one day. Right now, the advice I have for your son would be to never give up on that dream. It’s a great dream to have and he should run with it all the way. Don’t worry if, when it comes time to go off to college, he wants to study something else. Literally, any major can participate. It just depends on the school he attends whether or not he will gain credit for it. I actually went on college visits and asked if they participated in the college program (even though if they don’t, you can still take a semester off and go). We can definitely write more about the College Program though. Thank you for your advice! It’s very much appreciated and I hope this little bit of advice right now helps your son achieve his goals.

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