Disney Channel Makes Television History

This past Sunday, Disney Channel made television history during an all new episode of “Good Luck, Charlie.” The show introduced the first (confirmed) same-sex couple on a children’s TV network.

In the episode, Duncan parents (Amy and Bob) set up a play-date with one of Charlie’s new friends, Taylor. While Bob is convinced Taylor’s mom is named Cheryl, Amy is under the impression that her name is Susan. When the doorbell rings, Taylor and two blonde haired woman are standing in the entry way of the Duncan household. Bob being Bob, goes [palm to face] “Taylor has two moms!” Queue Amy with a sarcastic comment about how nothing gets past Bob and there you have it, history being made!

Now, this is not the first same-sex couple on a Disney owned program. ABC Family, a sister station to the Disney Channel, premiered a new series last year who focuses on the family of a same-sex couple. “The Fosters” is currently in it’s second half of the first season and has been picked up for a second season. You can catch new episodes every Monday night at 9 on ABC Family.



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