You Sure Do Have a Big Head!

Hey guys! Mickey here!

As you know my favorite park is Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  One of the key ways you can easily distinguish this park from any other park is the huge Sorcerer’s hat in the middle of the park.  The hat is not my favorite icon, I mean I don’t how you can beat the Tree of Life or Cinderella Castle, but I still think this is a very unique icon for a park and I think it is awesome.


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But after a minute of thinking, the only problem with Disney’s Hollywood Studios is that some guests may see the Tower of Terror as the main icon as well.  While I was working at Sunset Ranch Market, I talked to guests all the time about what they thought about the park. Some of the guests asked what the main icon of the park was in my opinion and I ran into the dilemma where the guests had the opposite view and thought it was the Tower of Terror.  There was a strong rumor floating around my area, as well as all of Walt Disney World, that Disney is thinking about tearing down the Sorcerer Hat and making the Tower of Terror the main icon.  I personally do not like that decision but I mean if it happens it happens.  Disney has not released any official word, but I am sure when they make the decision, it will quickly spread.

I wish I could tell you more, but for right now that’s all I know.  I have read numerous articles about this rumor, but none of them are 100% positive or they aren’t reliable sources.  I do know one thing for sure, Disney’s Hollywood Studio is going to be undergoing a lot of changes here within the next couple years and I am super excited about all of it.

“Crowded classrooms and half-day sessions are a tragic waste of our greatest national resource – the minds of our children.”                       -Walt Disney



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