Wanna be the best? Mickey will teach you!

Hey everyone, Mickey here!

So one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom is Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, which can be found in Tomorrowland.  If you haven’t been on the ride before, it is basically an interactive ride where guests board their own space ship and blast lazers at the evil Zurg and win the space battle.  The whole point of the ride is to hit the targets that are all over and try and rack up points.  At the end there is a score table that shows where you rank, anywhere from “Star Cadet” to “Galactic Hero.”  Now myself being myself, I have become a master at this game and almost always get “Galactic Hero”, even though Mike won’t quit reminding me that the one time we went on the ride that he beat me, but that’s alright, I would still beat him most of the time.  I wanted to show you all a video that I watched about 10 times and it showed me exactly which spots to hit in order to get the most points. This is by far the biggest secret that I had going into the attraction.  One personal tip, right before you board the space ship, I recommend to leave an empty spaceship between you and the group in front of you that way there won’t be a person blocking the important targets.  I wish everyone the best of luck.  I hope you all enjoy the video!

Remember don’t tell anybody that you know the best spots to hit because you could always trick someone into betting you a Mickey Bar!!!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Get out there and make some big dreams happen everyone!



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