The Latest on MyMagic+

By now you’ve probably all heard and read about Disney’s “new” MyMagic+ system that has taken over the parks and resorts, right?  Well, for just about the past year, the Walt Disney World Resort has been drastically changing and modernizing.  Resort guests and cast members have been testing this whole system for, well, a really long time now.  The whole process has taken way longer than the company originally anticipated.

While we were all working as Disney Cast Members, we all went through special trainings on MyMagic+, with the anticipation that it would be in full swing last spring, possibly early summer.  That deadline came and went and now, hopefully, by the end of this year (yes, I’m giving them a whole year just in case) all the kinks should be worked out and the current technology will be a thing in the past.

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This week marked a large milestone in the MyMagic+ testing, however.  FastPass+ has been incorporated in the parks for guests staying at the Disney resorts.  You can reserve your passes using the My Disney Experience app and website up to 60 days in advanced.  If your plans change once you get there, you can change them as well.  To do this, you have some different options.  You can change reservations from the app and website just like booking them, or you can visit your hotel concierge, or one of the new FastPass+ kiosks located in each of the parks.  Currently, FastPass+ is available to all guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and now, Magic Kingdom.

As far as the traditional, paper FastPass tickets go, sadly, they are no longer found in DAK, and Magic Kingdom.  Eventually they will also be obsolete in Epcot and Hollywood Studios as well.  Luckily, I spent my entire College Program collecting them from the rides and can say I have at least one from the majority of the attractions that had offered them.

As for MyMagic+, during January 2014, testing will begin for all aspects of MyMagic+ for non-Disney hotel guests.  Selected offsite guests will be testing My Disney Experience, FastPass+, and MagicBands.  This will take place throughout the four parks.

Now, a MagicBand is your key to total happiness.  This band that you wear as a bracelet, becomes your room key (if staying at a Disney resort), your park ticket, your FastPass+ tickets, you can even use it to make purchases across property.  All you have to do is touch and go.  They are even water proof so you don’t have to take them off while taking a dip in the pool.

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The MagicBand is customizable.  When you book your trip, every member of your party will get to design their own MagicBand.  Choose from a selection of colors like blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, red, and gray and then have your name (or nickname) printed on it.  These are all included in your stay.  Disney will ship them to your house as your vacation approaches so be sure to pack them all in your carry-on if flying.  Disney offers even more ways to customize your MagicBands once you arrive.  You can purchase little charms and bobbles that attach to your MagicBand at various locations across property.

So, there you have it.  You’re all updated on MyMagic+.  If any new developments arise, we will let you know as soon as we can.


What are your thoughts or feelings on the whole MyMagic+ system?  When going through the Cast Member trainings for it, I was kind of against it.  A year later and I’m still a little if-y.  Woody and I will be using MagicBands in March during our stay and we’ve already customized ours so that’s exciting at least.  Have you used MagicBands yet?  We would love to hear from you! 



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