Hello, you may have noticed the new “magical” faces added to this blog; my ex-roomies Mickey/Kody and Kevin/Perry, and obviously last (and most important ;)) Mike/Joey/me.  The introductory post was short and brief but Buzz did her best to make us feel like a part of the blog.

Just kidding…. Really I am.

As you’ve seen on this blog Buzz and Woody have done an amazing job telling you guys about the magic and history of the Walt Disney company and the current and future goings of Walt Disney World.  They show the same hard work and dedication to this blog as they did as cast members and in real life, part of why I love and adore them so much. 🙂

I hope to add more of the same to this blog, as well as some intriguing facts or opinion based articles that will shine a light on certain characters, rides, or attractions, whomever they are.

But first, more about myself since I wanted to add some more real life depth. As you know from the introductory post my name is Joey and I was a cast member at the World of Disney or the WOD (thanks “Lingo” post #shamelessplug.. go read it btw).  I hail from Long Island, New York and right now I am currently standing frozen in this state and thinking about how one year ago I was living in the beautiful state of Florida getting ready for traditions. Funny how fast time flies.  I hope to work for the Walt Disney company again and do another CP.  While I’m not creating magical moments or rambling on, I am a business management major at Farmingdale College and working 2 different jobs all while still incorporating the Disney look, point, calling kids prince/princess and just trying to use all of the ideas/values that would be expected of as a cast member in Disney.

A year ago, I met these 4 fellow co-bloggers in person for the first time, of course I wasn’t cynical.  I never expected to not make amazing friendships or relationships while on the college program, and I’d say about 80% at the least of my best friends are fellow CP’s whom I met a year ago…  However, the bond I have with these 4 goes way deeper than the bond of a best friend.  These 4, to me, are like a family.  We were all like a second family to each other from January 8th when we all first met and got to talk to each other about our backgrounds and families and friends back home and what lead us each to the DCP, to the moments… the obvious things like going to the parks together and the big things like having each others backs when drama happened to the little things like going to the supermarket because someone popped our beach ball or how its soda and not pop, to watching videos of cats on treadmills in the apartment, to now where we literally talk to each other every single day all together for all of us to see (even if its through texts and not face to face). We dealt with all the high highs and low lows of an experience together, the magic and the heartbreak with only each others shoulders to cry on as we were all away from our immediate families for the first time ever. Mickey, Perry, Buzz and Woody all hold the most special regard in my life as family members.  We still share the same bond today.  It’s what makes me honored to join in on this new chapter of our friendship with this blog.


72450_433199663432793_651397423_nNext post I’ll try to be less sappy and personal but who knows how that will turn out ;)… disregard the growth of my nose… please.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever” – Walt Disney

– Mike


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