Disney Vacation 101

Trying to plan a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort for the 2014 season?  Don’t want to spend all of your time waiting in long lines?  Well, we are here to help!  Avoiding long lines became our specialty while working for the mouse and we were there in some of the busiest weeks of the year.  We suggest you avoid these times at all costs, if possible.

Rule of thumb, if there’s a holiday within 2 or 3 weeks of your trip, think again.  If it’s summer break, well, you’ll hit long lines and extreme heat all rolled into one.

You’re best bet for an enjoyable, less than crowded, Disney vacation would be anytime after the new year until the first week in February.  The next best time to go would be somewhere between the last week in February and the first week in March.  Other than this first week, avoid the month of March.  It will be complete chaos.  The parks will be filled with spring breakers and middle/high school sports teams (mostly little league baseball and cheerleaders).

If April is a must for you, wait until the last week, and stay into May.   After the second week in May, don’t go!  It will be crowded and hot and if traveling with children, you’re setting yourself up to be a little less than happy.  If you’re from up North like I am, you will still be able to squeeze in a summer trip the last week of August before the kids have to head back to school after Labor Day.  This seems to be the one exception to the “holiday rule of thumb.”  You’re basically in the clear from here on out, until the week of Thanksgiving.

Now, if you have plans to visit Walt Disney World during the weeks of Christmas and New Years, ABORT MISSION!  These are, in my opinion, the two busiest times in the parks during the year.  This past Holiday Season, lines to some attractions reached up to a 5 hour waiting time.  I LOVE Disney, but this news was insane.  I cannot begin to imagine how you could wait in a line to ride a 2 minute attraction for 5 hours.

For a very accurate visual of the busiest and slowest times to take a Disney vacation, click here.  Have used the same type of visual for 2013, this information is reliable and very accurate to the actual park crowds.

Hope this helps you plan a wonderful Disney vacation and allows you to get the most magic out of the trip!



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