“Let it Go” from Frozen

Okay so by now, you probably know that I loved the new Disney film, Frozen.  I have been putting a lot of thought into this and I think (right now) my favorite scene from the movie is when Elsa is singing “Let it Go.”

Idina Menzel does an amazing job singing this song, but, of course, that’s no surprise.  Her voice is so powerful, as is the song.  It teaches us that it doesn’t matter what others think of us, we just have to be ourselves and at some point in our lives, we realize this.  Elsa spent so many years hiding her real self, she finally becomes free.  During this song, Elsa is basically saying “Look, this is the real me. Take it or leave it.  Your opinion isn’t going to change who I am and I have accepted who I am, you should too.”

I think this message is very important, especially with today’s society.  We live in a world where the media and the influence of others molds a specific image of how everyone should look and act.  It is important for kids, especially young girls, to realize that we’re all supposed to be unique.  We aren’t meant to be perfect.  The media puts so much pressure on girls to be skinny, wear tons of makeup, or have perfect hair all the time, that girls everywhere are starting to think they aren’t perfect at such young ages.

I think this song does a great job at contradicting the messages that we see everywhere we go.  The message in this song, is what really needs to be seen.  I think Disney did a wonderful job with this.

Not only do I love this song because of the message it brings, but also the artwork that goes along with it.  As an art student, the graphics in this are just superb.  Disney truly captured the magic in this scene.  It was all so flawlessly done.  For me, just the graphics and art in Frozen make it one of my favorites.

-Buzz °o°


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