Disney’s Frozen Will Melt Your Heart

Well, the Disney Animation team has done it again.  Frozen is a wonderful film about the importance of family.  It teaches you that no matter who your family is, you can’t give up on them.  Elsa and Anna, show us that the love and bond of a sister is much more powerful than that of any other love.

I actually am at a slight loss for words, which rarely happens.  This film is the perfect movie to go see with the family during this holiday season.  It brings fun for the whole family with its perfect charm and humor.  If it was up to me to decide, Princess Anna is the most realistic and easiest to relate to out of all the princesses thus far.  She is quirky and awkward and willing to take matters into her own hands when needed.

The storyline is perfect.  Adapted from Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen,” it brings a tear or two to your eyes and makes you laugh a lot.  The film has a familiarity, yet it is so different from the other princess movies.  The artwork and music, alone, makes it a must see.  I felt as if I were watching a Broadway musical from the styles of the magical songs throughout the film.

I just…yeah.  I highly recommend seeing this movie if you haven’t already.  It is now a contender for favorite Disney princess film and definitely makes choosing just one that much harder.  I did not see the film in 3D, but don’t think I missed out on anything.  It was great without it, but I plan on seeing it again in 3D soon.

If you would like to read a more in-depth review with spoilers, click here to visit another blogger who did a wonderful job capturing the film’s magic.


-Buzz °o°


Have you seen Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen, yet?  What did you think? Share with us your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “Disney’s Frozen Will Melt Your Heart

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Kids will love it and the parents will probably enjoy themselves as well. As if their own kids being happy wasn’t enough for a moment of pleasure. Good review.

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