My Christmas in the Mouse’s House

Well all of the gorgeous Christmas decorations are adorning the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort at the moment! Christmastime is definitely my favorite time to visit WDW. It’s completely magical; there are gorgeous lights, fake snow, characters wearing their Christmas best, and of course Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! Last year I was lucky enough to enjoy my first MVMCP–that I actually remember– and it was wonderful!
The parade was completely wonderful and so much fun! The fireworks were mesmerizing and the music perfect. However, my favorite part was seeing the castle completely decorated with the most beautiful lights. It was such a magical moment for me walking toward the castle that has been so iconic throughout my life, and having it be decorated for the holiday. It made me feel as if I was in a dream or a fantasy of some sort.
I realized how lucky I would be when I would call WDW my home for the next several months during my CP, and made me love Disney even more!
Unfortunately, I am unable to visit WDW during this holiday season. But I will definitely be thinking about my home away from home, and that magical moment of seeing Cinderella Castle lit up for the first time in my life!
– Woody



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