Throwback Thursday: Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

With the holiday season in full swing at the Walt Disney World Resort, we thought we would celebrate the wonderful work of Jennings Osbourne.

Since 1995, what started as a man decorating his home for the holidays, has morphed into dazzling millions each year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Millions of lights are hung through the streets of the park and synchronized to music.

Osbourne started out with 3 million lights in his yard in Arkansas, but had to turn the power off on the magical sight because of neighbors complaining.  Disney jumped on the opportunity and brought the lights to their property.  They have added just about 2 million more lights to the show since bringing it to Hollywood Studios, formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios.

Here is a short clip on how it all comes together in the long months of preparation each year:

The lights will be plugged in starting tomorrow, November 8th, and stay lit until January 5th.  If you have the chance to see this marvelous sight this holiday season, we highly recommend it.  Rumor has it that this may just be the last year the lights will be strung down the Streets of America.  You don’t want to miss it.

-Buzz °o°



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