“Once Upon A Time”

As you may or may not already know, we love to watch ABC’s Once Upon A Time” on Sunday nights.  I, in particular, love it a little more.  I have many theories and even write about it for my school’s newspaper.  I thought I would share with you my articles that I have already been published for my school newspaper.  So hear it goes, I will post the first one right here (which talks about the first four episodes of season 3) and then create a separate post for episode 5.  That way you’ll be all up to date before tonight’s episode!

Just warning you, if you aren’t caught up on Season 3, these may contain some spoilers.

Season 3 is quickly underway for ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  In just four episodes, we have been flown to Neverland, met Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, and learned much more about the characters’ past.  As Emma, Captain Hook, Snow White, Charming, and Regina search through Neverland for Henry, we are constantly at the edge of our seats wondering what is going to happen next.  With Emma and Regina, both, willing to do anything they possibly can to save their son, we start to see different sides of them.

Emma is in charge for Operation Henry, as Regina called it.  She is not letting anything get in her way of being reconnected with her son.  Regina would prefer to use magic but Captain Hook puts an end to most of those plans.  Since Hook has dealt with Pan before and knows more about Neverland, he guides the others, in favor of Emma.  There’s no doubt that Hook has a crush on Emma and by the way he talks and flirts with her, who wouldn’t fall for the sweet talking pirate?  Emma, on the other hand, is playing a little hard to get.  She believes the man she truly loves, Neal, is dead so, we’re going to have to wait and see what happens in next week’s episode.  I think there’s about to be a crazy love triangle between Hook, Emma, and Neal.

As for the relationships among other characters, we learn that Regina and Tinker Bell have a not-so-good history.  Regina is essentially the reason why Tink no longer has her wings.  Charming and Hook have this bromance starting, after Hook confronts Charming about his wound from the poisoned arrow.  Could this be Hook truly concerned or trying to win over the father of the woman he is smitten over? Hmm…

Snow White and Charming’s love for each other is stronger than ever and together, are struggling with the whole parenting thing.  They are feeling guilty about Emma having to grow up without them and Emma feels it too.  In most recent episode, we learn that Emma is really hurt by the fact that Neal is the love of her life and by the time they both realized it, it was too late.  Snow wishes she knew how to help.  Snow and Charming talk about their worry for their daughter and while conversing, Charming may have hinted that he won’t be around much longer.  The poison from the arrow is spreading quickly and he hasn’t found it in him to tell anyone, especially Snow.

Rumplestiltskin and his son, Baelfire, (aka Neal) are reconnected and take Henry from Peter Pan.  However, this is short lived because Neal and Rumple get into a fight.  Neal runs off with Henry and without the magic of the dark one, Pan recaptures Henry.  Will Neal reconcile with his father so they can work together?  We are going to have to wait and see.  We also learn that Rumple and Pan have a history that goes further back than we think.  The story is continuing to prove that “it’s a small world after all” week after week.

-Buzz °o°



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