Park Tips Tuesday: My Disney Experience

Have an upcoming trip to the Walt Disney World Resort? Then I have three words for you: My Disney Experience.

This app is a must for upcoming visits to the parks.  It puts everything right at your finger tips.  All you need is a smart phone, iPad, or other mobile device.  And the best part? IT’S FREE!! That’s right, I said it, it’s free.  (Plus, you’ll have a little Mickey icon on your home screen.)

This app has everything you need to make your Disney vacation the very best.  You can keep all of your vacation plans, reservations, tickets, reminders, and wish lists right with you at all times.  Have more than one guest in your party with a device, no problem.  You can all download the app and link your vacation to each one by adding them to your Friends and Family list.

One of the many features this app has is a character locator for every park.  Want to see if your favorite character is out for a meet and greet?  Get out your phone, go to this app, and click “Characters Today.”  Then click on the location you wish to search and a list of the characters meeting that day will be shown.  Along with the list, are the times that you will be able to meet the characters and where to find them.

You can also view show, parade, and firework times on here.  Just click the “Entertainment” button.  It will bring you every possible form of entertainment that could be happening in the park and tell you when and where.  My Disney Experience will also give you the wait times for each attraction, as well as a description of the attraction, height requirements, and ages that the ride is enjoyable for.  You can see what time the FASTPASS Return is at too.

This app is definitely makes more time in your stay, in my opinion.  Woody can back me up on this when I say that this app became my best friend.  I was constantly on the app, planning our next move in a park.  I would even look at it from our apartment to see wait times in certain parks to figure out how busy it was that day.  Through Disney magic (a.k.a. GPS) the app knows which park you are in to make it that much easier to get the most out of your stay at Disney.  The app is connected to the new My Magic+ bands but you do NOT need one to use the app.  You don’t even need to program all of your vacation plans and reservations in if you don’t want to.  You can use the app strictly for character hunting, park hours, wait times, and show times like I did.

Hope this is helpful and let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We will gladly answer any for you! °o°




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