A Magical Moment

Maybe it’s something you remember from your childhood that brings a smile to your face, or watching your children’s eyes light up because the most enchanting thing they could possibly imagine just happened to them.  I don’t know of any other company who prides themselves on creating these moments quite like Disney.

Magical Moments can be the smallest instances, such as a cast member wishing you a Happy Birthday by name and carrying on a conversation with you, or as grand as winning a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite in Cinderella Castle.  These moments, no matter how big or small, will stay with you.  Every time you think back to Disney—whether it is their movies, the parks, merchandise, etc. – you’ll remember that moment.

Walt Disney World is a place of happiness, joy, magic, and fantasy.  You can go Under the Sea with Ariel and friends in Magic Kingdom, take off on a Mission to Mars in Epcot, play some Midway games with Buzz, Woody, and the gang at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and try to escape the grasps of a mythical Yeti in Animal Kingdom.  This world allows us to escape reality for however long we are lucky enough to visit and reconnect with family, friends, and our imagination.

These aren’t just attractions.  They are magical moments, which bring to life the fantasies, and dreams we never thought were achievable.  Visiting your favorite Princess and having an actual conversation with her—that is a magical moment.  Even just walking down Main Street U.S.A. towards this iconic landmark and smelling cotton candy from the Confectionary and having Cast Members wave and smile at you as you embark to different lands of imagination, how could that not be magical?

Create those Magical Moments for yourself, even if you aren’t at Walt Disney World or can’t visit quite yet.  That’s what Disney is truly all about­­­, bringing that spark into your life that you will never forget.


**We love hearing all about your magical moments so please share in the comments section below or email them to us.  You can also share photos of your magical moments with us on Instagram by adding the hashtag #disney_toinfinityandbeyond.  Your magical moments might even get featured in a future post.  We will share some of our personal magical moments with you all too!!  

Can’t wait to hear all about the magic that has been created! 🙂


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